Igniting a passion for Jesus in New England

Why a Team Model?

Instead of appointing another senior pastor, our congregation affirmed a team leadership model, where Brian Mowrey, Adam DePasquale and Craig Mowrey would serve as Lead Pastors, each responsible for specific areas within the church. Why are we adopting this model? We believe that a team leadership model is biblical, effective and catalytic.

It’s Biblical

As Professor Dr. Mark McCloskey states, “New Testament church leadership is decidedly plural in nature. A ‘team’ of Elders, not one supreme leader, was charged with the care and feeding of the local congregation.”

Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 encourages us, “Two are better than one … and a chord of three strands is not easily broken.” By combining diverse spiritual gifting, styles, perspectives and experiences present in multiple godly leaders, our leadership will be strong.

It’s Effective

Churches around the country are increasingly turning to a team leadership approach and are thriving under the team leadership approach. We believe that this model encourages and supports effective strategic ministry planning and execution, promotes a healthy organizational culture, has real stewardship and fiscal strength, and facilitates communication at all levels. Hear what other church leaders are saying.

Watch pastors Nick Cuthbert and Tim Chilvers discuss team leadership and why they see the model benefiting Riverside Church and being embraced across the world.

Mark McCloskeyRead why Mark McCloskey says, “The diverse spiritual gifting, styles, perspectives and experiences of three mature, godly leaders, … creates a powerful leadership combination.” Read more …

It’s Catalytic

A team approach to leadership allows for a dedicated focus and increased capacity. From very practical reasons, like covering for each other during vacations, emergencies and sickness, to providing a broader, more diverse point of view on critical issues facing our church.

A team approach to leadership models the sharing of responsibility, and encourages every person to get involved. Each of the three Lead Pastors will lead a focused team of pastors, directors and support staff who are all interconnected at the highest level. This interconnectedness promotes high levels of communication throughout all departments and ministry areas.

A team approach to leadership also supports our vision in a meaningful way as a church family. Our vision to “ignite a passion for Jesus in New England” has a well-established foundation upon which we can become even more intentional within each area.

Examples of other churches that operate in a team model