You matter to God and to us. Part of our call to ‘love one another’ is to bear one another’s burdens and to encourage one another. Our Care Team, consisting of pastors and trained care partners, is available to you. We listen and visit, counsel and encourage, comfort and confront. We also administer a benevolence fund.

We can connect you with our Community Group care leaders in your area (who are often the first line of care here at Walnut Hill), or perhaps offer help through Project 1:27, a volunteer ministry that helps single moms and widows with home repair projects beyond their ability. For all your needs, email or click on the “request care” button on this page.

We also work closely with Walnut Hill’s prayer ministry, so your email to or through our online Prayer Wall does not escape our attention.

For further information on each of the care ministries, please click on the following links, and contact us with any needs or questions you have.

photo John Dischinger, Pastor of Care and Outreach
photo Lindsey Laszewski, Associate Pastor of Care


  1. Project 1:27
    Project 1:27 is a group of people who love to help others. And are willing to lend a hand to… continue reading »