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What Does “Surrender” Mean?

Good News

In order to understand the word “surrender” in this context, we must first share some good news with you. The good news is that God loves you and longs that you might know Him. He has good plans for you, and He longs to walk with you in each and every situation you face.

God also gave you the ability to choose to seek Him or not. If you have ever seen a defiant two year old refusing to do what his parents have asked him, then you know that we, like all human beings, have sinned, messed up and got it wrong. Yet God, out of His love, sent His son, Jesus, to live, die and rise again so that we might be restored to the relationship that we were created for, both now and for eternity, and that we might live knowing, loving and being loved by the God who created us. We cannot earn this love; we simply receive it. And in knowing this love, we can then love others with the love that comes from God.

Surrendering to a Savior

So, what is meant by “surrender”? If a person is drowning and someone comes to his rescue, yet he struggles against the rescuer, he will probably die. However, if he rests in the arms of his rescuer, then he will live.

This is basically our choice too! We can lay down our old life and choose to follow our Savior, Jesus.  A surrendered life is an adventurous life lived knowing God’s love, peace and presence, and sharing that with others.

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