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How Do I Surrender to Jesus?

“If you declare with your mouth ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.”  Romans 10:9

This declaration is at the heart of what it means to surrender. If you have never surrendered your life to Jesus, it is a really simple thing to do. You can use the following points to help you think through what you want to say to God:

  1. Acknowledge that Jesus is Lord and choose to live life His way.
  2. Admit your sin and receive the forgiveness offered through Jesus’ death and resurrection.
  3. Ask God to come and live in you.

There is not a magic formula that needs to be said, so in your own words, communicate your heart to God and your desire to surrender to Him. Here is a sample prayer to help guide you:

“Dear God, Thank you that you are God and I am not! Thank you that Jesus died and rose again so that I can be forgiven and know you. Please forgive me for living life my way. (You may want to name specific sins). I give my life to you. Please fill me with your Holy Spirit — I can’t do this by myself. Amen.”

Once you’ve done this, tell someone! It’s important to grow, and others can help you do this and stand with you in prayer.  We would also love to hear so that we can support you as well.


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