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A "Mira-Cole"

May 24th, 2012 by Alison Hudak

A Mother's Story.... in her own words

Cole’s Story

Cole Thomas Hudak was born to us (Mark & Alison Hudak) on March 10, 2012 after a picture perfect pregnancy & delivery. Before being discharged from the hospital Cole had failed a standard hearing screening in his right ear twice. We were then instructed to set up an appointment with an Ear, Nose & Throat (E.N.T) Doctor as soon as possible to screen him further.

Then, two weeks after birth a very large lump appeared on the right side of Cole’s neck. After taking him to the pediatrician we learned that Cole had Torticollis & needed to enter into physical therapy immediately to begin correcting this. We were told over time that the torticollis would eventually correct itself.

Next, we brought Cole to the E.N.T Doctor where they screened his ears again and we were told that he had 100% hearing in his left ear but was showing that he had no hearing in his right. We were very upset by this news but were reassured that this hearing loss would not affect his development or ability to talk because he had normal hearing in at least one ear. The doctor then directed us to Children’s Hospital in Hartford in order to screen his right ear further to determine possible treatment of its hearing loss.

After hearing this news my younger sister Lauren McGuigan requested that the leaders of the church in Seymour lay hands on Cole and pray for healing in both his neck and in his ears. He was prayed over that next Sunday after the service by the leaders.

We went to Cole’s first physical therapy session where we were told that he had a very “mild” case of torticollis and that it should resolve itself quickly. We went back for his second appointment two weeks later where we were told that his torticollis had began to heal so much that they did not see a need to have him come back. They encouraged us to continue to stretch him at home and that he would be just fine! What AWESOME news to hear!! We praised God for this and continue to stretch Cole’s neck everyday as his healing is completed.

We shared this great news with Craig Horne who then shared it with the church family who continued to pray and encouraged us for a full healing both in his neck and in his ears.

The following week on May 10, we went to the audiology department at Children’s Hospital where both of Cole’s ears were screened. Mark & I were so hopeful for a good report and a healing based upon what we had seen, felt and experienced with his neck. We were devastated and shocked to learn after the test results came in that he had a 40% PERMANANT hearing loss in BOTH of his ears, that this would affect his speech development, that he would need the Birth-3 program three times a week and hearing aids.

We were told that the cochlear organ in each ear was not communicating properly to his brain the sounds he hears and that this part of your inner ear CANNOT be fixed medically. Whether or not his hearing would worsen over time would be determined in the coming months and years. Mark & I were heart broken and devastated beyond belief to learn of this and immediately contacted family & Craig Horne who invited us over to his house for community group that very night. We went to the Horne’s house where Cole was once again anointed with oil prayed over for healing.

The next day we scheduled a follow up appointment with a satellite office of Children’s Hospital inFarmingtonwhere they were going to run the same tests once again to confirm the results found in Hartford on May 10 and then tell us how to proceed with treatment. Cole went to this follow up appointment on May 18. Family, friends, strangers and many members of our church family continued to pray for Cole. The morning before we left for his appointment I prayed and felt that God softly assured me that his name “Cole” was a part of the word “miracle”…or as I felt dubbed, “miraCOLE”. We continued to believe that Christ would heal Cole’s ears.

This second screening began and 20 minutes into the 4 hour test, the audiologist turned around to us and said that she was incredibly happy to report that Cole was showing that he had NORMAL hearing in his left ear! She could not explain why and then resumed the remainder of the test. Several hours later, when she was finished, she told us that she was confused by the results she found but that she was happy to report that somehow Cole was showing that he did NOT have a permanent hearing loss in either ear, that he had normal hearing in his left ear, that both of his cochlear organs were working & communicating to the brain “beautifully” and that the hearing loss she was seeing in his right ear was a “conductive” hearing loss caused by an extremely narrow ear canal.

She concluded that in the 12 years that she has been running these tests, she has never seen results like this that were so contradictory to the original results from the previous week. She told us that based upon these results, Cole would not suffer a developmental delay or have issues learning to speak. She told us to check back with them in several months for another check up but at this point in time there was no need to move forward medically with anything, Cole was FINE!!!!!!! The cherry on the sundae was when she was leaving the room, she was several feet away from Cole who’s right ear was towards her. When she said in a low voice “bye Cole” he turned to his right, looked right at her and smiled! It was like he knew and through his smile Christ showed us His grace! The three of us broke out into laughter as she said “wow” and walked out of the room.

Words & Praise are not enough to express the joy that Mark and I feel and the thanks we extend to our family & friends. Our gratefulness to our heavenly Father is beyond anything I could type in this story. He is worthy to be praised & Cole will live his life for Him & sharing with others the wonder of His grace and mercy!!