Igniting a passion for Jesus in New England


At Walnut Hill, we are a family that serves together. Serving your local church and your community are fantastic ways to get to know people and make a difference for Jesus.

Serving at Walnut Hill


There are many ways you can serve at your local campus. By visiting the Walnut Hill Serve website, you’ll be able to explore serving opportunities, sign up for a specific opportunities (guest services, kids, office support, etc.), ask questions and even view online orientation views to get started. Visit walnuthillserve.org today.

Provide a Meal
If you are interested in providing a meal for an individual or family, please contact Jennifer Cardinal at jcardinal@walnuthillcc.org.

Local Partners

Walnut Hill partners with local organizations to actively serve as the hands and feet of Jesus in our communities. Explore some of the opportunities below. Email serve@walnuthillcc.org if you’d like to connect with one of these groups.

Serving the Local Community

Like any city, Danbury has needs that, if left unmet, will contribute to the spiral of hopelessness that burdens the at-risk population in the city. But it doesn’t have to be that way. When people of faith and people of good will come together to help others, it can transform a city. If you have a heart for people and for neighborhood transformation, Jericho needs you.
acts4Acts 4 Ministry supports the needs of families and individuals in financial distress, who may have lost everything to fire, flood or other disasters within the Greater Waterbury area. We are a collaborative group of staff and volunteers who desire to share God’s love by bringing comfort and meeting the physical needs of others. Acts 4 Ministry needs you.

Where Should I Serve?

Did you know that you are uniquely gifted to serve the church and your community? You may be wondering what your gifts are … or you may be looking for confirmation about where you should be serving. Take a few minutes to complete this online a Spiritual Gifts Assessment.

Adult Gifts Assessment Youth Gifts Assessment

Then, contact Pastor Victoria to set up a time to meet with someone at your campus to review your gifts and get plugged into a ministry or organization.