Igniting a passion for Jesus in New England

Praying Like Jesus

Apprentice with Jesus in Learning to Pray

When asked, “Lord, teach us to pray,” Jesus presented a simple, yet meaningful prayer as our model. This class will take you on an eight-week journey of apprenticing with Jesus in learning to pray, using the Lord’s Prayer as a map and the Praying Like Jesus Workbook as your guide. Together we’ll uncover the Lord’s Prayer line by line and unpack its deep significance for our lives.

Each class will begin with a short video, highlighting a new dimension of prayer that Jesus is inviting us into. You’ll receive a workbook containing five daily devotionals and journal exercises related to each week’s theme to help you draw closer to Jesus. This class is perfect for all, no matter what you “know” or “don’t know” on the subject of prayer.

What to Expect

  • Personal Growth: Journey through the workbook each week with 5 daily devotionals and journal entries.
  • Weekly Group Encouragement: Gather together on Thursday evenings to watch the Video Short and engage in group discussion.
  • Clear Objectives: Class Facilitator will highlight the week’s objective and invite feedback from the video.
  • Dynamic Interaction: You’ll break into groups of 8-12 for further discussion and prayer activities each week. Much like Jesus had 12 disciples, you’ll journey with this group through the Lord’s Prayer along with your group leader.
  • Spiritual Transformation: No matter where you are at the start, your prayer life will grow dramatically by the end of this class.

To take a sneak peek of what the class will be like, watch the video below.

Register for the Class

Register for the January 18- March 22, 2018 class by clicking the button below.