Igniting a passion for Jesus in New England

Pray for Others

Are you interested in praying for others? Thank you for your willingness to serve others through prayer. There are several ways you can connect and begin to pray intentionally for the needs around us.

Become a Prayer Servant

Our restorative prayer ministry is made possible by volunteers who take time to be trained and invest in others. Please let us know if are interested in becoming a Prayer Servant by emailing us at prayer@walnuthillcc.org. Basic Prayer Servant Training is held about twice a year. We would be glad to provide more information on what this process looks like.

To purchase the Basic Prayer Servant Field Manual, contact Melena Sorena at msorena@walnuthillcc.org.

Join the Prayer Email Chain

Sign up to receive any or all of these three important prayer emails by emailing prayer@walnuthillcc.org

  1. 2PM Pause for Prayer: Sent weekdays around 2 p.m. containing all the public prayer requests received that day.
  2. Weekly Prayer Email: Sent out weekly containing all the praises and public prayer requests received during the week. Sections of this email are devoted to praying for new believers, the Walnut Hill family, the community, Walnut Hill ministries and for Church in Action requests.
  3. Emergency Prayer Email: Sent out as needed for emergencies relating to close or extended family members.

Questions? If you’re not sure where to begin or have questions, please don’t hesitate to call the church office at 203-796-7373 or email prayer@walnuthillcc.org.