Igniting a passion for Jesus in New England

Kari Mackiewicz

Kari joined the Walnut Hill team in 2016. Growing up in Newtown, she has served as a worship leader at several local churches and organizations within the community. She brings her spiritual and musical giftings through praise and worship, working with our talented musicians to grow their gifts to advance God’s kingdom. She previously studied abroad in Australia for three years as a graduate of the Hillsong International Leadership College, with a focus on worship and the creative arts. Her experience enables her to share powerful stories and messages with others to deepen their faith. In addition to her musical gifts of singing and playing guitar, her kind spirit is a blessing to our community and an encouragement to others.

Kari is also a devoted wife to her husband, John, and the proud mother of two boys, Noah and Austin. She enjoys being outdoors, traveling, watching movies, going to the beach, eating home-cooked meals, and spending time with extended family and friends.