Igniting a passion for Jesus in New England

Where We’re Going

Just like children who’ve been loaded into the back seat of the family car, we often ask God, “Where are we going? How do we get there? Are we there yet?” We all have a natural desire to know where God is leading us.

The Road Map

Throughout 2016, our lead pastors spent considerable time together in prayer asking God very specific questions regarding where He would like to take our church family. Simultaneously, over 400 members of our church family prayerfully submitted their thoughts during the Dream With Us season.

It was incredibly exciting when the very things God had placed on the hearts of our lead pastors were affirmed time and time again by the church!

The Road Ahead

Coming out of this season, we praise God that we not only sense a direction, but clearly see the road ahead. The road ahead has four lanes that stretch out for years to come. Each lane is an area we are passionately pursuing – we call them our Driving Initiatives. Read more …

Driving Initiatives

1. Ignite Prayer and Worship

We want to see thousands of Christ-followers of all ages wholeheartedly seeking God and enjoying time with Him. It is the foundation of our faith, and it is the starting point of every renewal and revival. This initiative is our focus September 2016-August 2017. Read more …

2. Ignite Faith

We are challenging each person to embrace a relational discipleship framework for seeing God ignite faith – in me, in us and in others. This initiative is our focus September 2017-August 2018. Read more …

3. Ignite Our Witness

We desire for the number of new believers to exponentially increase as we continue to strengthen and grow our current campuses, launch new ones, and invest in the broader New England Church. Read more …

4. Ignite Our Compassion

We want to radically step out of our comfort zones and become known throughout our communities as those who truly care for others and get involved in helping to address the most difficult issues of our day. Read more …

We need your help!

Traveling this road requires our collective prayers and commitment. As you hear about specific action plans, projects and initiatives don’t sit on the side of the road! Get involved and be a part of all that God has in store in this next chapter of Walnut Hill!

Questions? We are here to help! Email hello@walnuthillcc.org.