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    A Greeting from the Pastor

    Welcome! While we may be the new guys in town, we have deep roots in Bethel, CT, where we serve an average of 2,300 people each weekend.  You may be wondering why we set up shop in Waterbury in November 2010, as Walnut Hill’s first satellite campus. The answer is simple: We're passionate about sharing God's love - and His message - with our surrounding communities. In fact, it's what God asks from us; and we're all too happy to comply.  So, we heard a calling…and we answered.  This is just one step in the journey … we hope you'll join us in our walk. 

    If you're searching for something more - something real - our hope is that you'll find it here. Since our launch, we’ve grown into a church family with a unique bond. We typically serve more than 150 people each weekend, and we’re growing. We’ve got thriving programs for kids, youth, adults and we’re actively reaching out into our community with the love of Christ through our campus as a whole, and through our Community Groups.

    I encourage you to explore, and see if our campus might be a good fit for you. All are invited. All are welcome. 

    Expect to be inspired. Expect to feel empowered. Expect to come again.

    Hope to see you soon!

    Craig Mowrey, Campus Pastor


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