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First 20

If you never said hello to someone you love first thing in the morning, would they know that you love them? Rushing headlong into your day without expressing your affection to the one you love can give the impression that everything else takes precedent over your relationship.

We all know that the Christian life is about relationship with God, but how often do we ignore Him at the start of our day? First 20 enables us to say, “Hello,” to God and to get to know Him better.

Take the First 20 Challenge

Martin Luther once declared, “I have so much to do that I shall spend the first three hours in prayer.”

Life can be overwhelming at times. Maybe you’re unclear about the direction of your life or the reality of God’s intentions for you. The truth is, God has 20/20 vision for our lives, and as we give Him the first fruits of our time and attention, our First 20, in prayer, He begins to recalibrate our vision in alignment with His will. Take the First 20 challenge and spend your first 20 minutes in prayer for 20 consecutive days. You’ll be amazed how it changes your perspective and enlarges your faith. Sow a habit in prayer, reap a destiny in the Lord.

May God bless you as you grow in your relationship with Jesus.

How to Pray for 20 Minutes

Not sure how to spend your First 20 in prayer? Try this simple but effective method of prayer using the ACTS model as outlined below:

Adoration: Praise God for who He is.  >5 Minutes

When we discover the goodness of God’s character revealed in Scripture, we can’t help but grow in affection toward Him. Spend time praising God for who He is by focusing on His attributes. Use the A-Z list of attributes, then go on your own journey of discovery. What does the Bible have to say about each attribute? Search the Scriptures to find out what God says about Himself, and begin to worship Him for who He is.

Confession: Agree with God’s Word and receive forgiveness.  >5 minutes

Do you believe that God is who He says He is? Ask Jesus to reveal any lies that you may be believing about His character or intentions toward you. Reflect on any areas in your own life where you may not be living in agreement with God’s Word. Say you’re sorry for any doubts you may have regarding God’s faithfulness to you, or for living out of alignment with His will for your life. Receive God’s forgiveness, and commit to following Jesus in this area. This is what it means to repent.

Thanksgiving: Thank God for what He’s done.  >5 minutes

Consider the attributes of God that you have been focusing on. Now think back over your own life and remember when God demonstrated His nature to you in this way. Remember His faithfulness revealed in Scripture as well. Give thanks to God for revealing Himself throughout history, as well as in your own life, and cultivate a heart of gratitude.

Supplication:  Bring your requests before the Lord in prayer.  >5 minutes

Present your requests to God in prayer with renewed perspective. In light of God’s goodness revealed through His attributes, declare your trust and dependence on Jesus for each specific need. There is nothing too big or too small to bring to God in prayer. Pray for the needs of others in your life as well. This is what it means to intercede.

Daily Videos for First 20 Challenge

Day 1 : God is Creator – Video
Day 2: God is Loving – Video
Day 3: God is our Father – Video
Day 4: God is our Burden-Bearer – Video
Day 5: God is our Provider – Video
Day 6: God is Wise – Video
Day 7: God is our Protector – Video
Day 8: God is our Healer – Video
Day 9: God is our Deliverer – Video
Day 10: God is our Shepherd – Video
Day 11: God is our Comforter – Video
Day 12: God is our Savior – Video
Day 13: God is Patient – Video
Day 14: God is our Advocate – Video
Day 15: God is our Redeemer – Video
Day 16: God is our Servant King – Video
Day 17: God is Trustworthy – Video
Day 18: God is Almighty – Video
Day 19: God is Pure – Video
Day 20: God is Personal – Video
Day 21: First 20 Wrap Up – Video

First 20 Psalms

Psalm 1
Psalm 4
Psalm 5
Psalm 8
Psalm 9
Psalm 15
Psalm 17
Psalm 19
Psalm 20
Psalm 23
Psalm 25
Psalm 27
Psalm 29
Psalm 34
Psalm 36
Psalm 40
Psalm 46
Psalm 51
Psalm 52
Psalm 57

Additional Prayer Resources

If you have questions or want to find out more about going deeper in your prayer life, contact us at prayer@walnuthillcc.org.