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  • Walcir DaSilva Walcir DaSilva
    Pastor of Multi-ethnic Ministries
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    Though years in the making, Walnut Hill’s ministry to those who have immigrated to the US entered a new phase in May 2011 when my family and I followed God’s call to come to this church from my homeland of Brazil. It was clear to us (and to Walnut Hill’s leaders) that the Lord was leading many people of many different nationalities to this church.

    Walnut Hill was truly becoming a reflection of our local community, which is indeed culturally diverse. According to a recent survey, a significant number who attend our church were born in other countries, including Brazil, England, Germany, India, Ghana, China, Mexico, South Africa, Czechoslovakia, Russia, and Italy.

    So the questions arose: “How do we better welcome and integrate those people into our church family? How do we answer His call to share the gospel and make disciples of the nations, at our own doorstep?”

    Those are the questions we are seeking to answer as we first begin, and then expand, our ministry to this growing community.

    Multi-Ethnic Ministries welcomes all those who were born on foreign soil, but now live in the New England region. If you are seeking a community church that cares and offers opportunities for diverse interaction within different cultures, we invite you to visit us.

    Our Multi-Ethnic contacts are: in Portuguese, Pastor Walcir DaSilva at; in English, Andre Kowarick at