Igniting a passion for Jesus in New England

Where We’re Going

Walnut Hill Kids where we are goingA milestone marks a significant event or stage in development. It is also used to mark a certain distance on a way to a particular place. We believe that there are important milestones in a child’s spiritual walk with Christ as they take steps in following Him. These are meant to be a journey for both children and their parents.

Child Dedication & Class
(Suggested age: Infants-1st Grade)

We invite parents to dedicate (commit) their children to the Lord to show that they are a gift from Him. As a church family, we partner with parents as they commit to doing the best they can to raise their children to know and love Jesus.

Now What? Class
(Suggested age: 1st – 5th Grade)

In this class, parents and their children who have recently surrendered their lives to Jesus will learn how to study God’s Word together, have a quiet time, journal and start their journey with Christ. This class is a prerequisite for the Baptism Class for children younger than 3rd grade.

Lord’s Supper or Communion
(Suggested age: 1st – 6th Grade)

Though not offered in a classroom, we have online resources available to help equip parents in leading their child through the significance and symbolism of the Lord’s Supper. We do communion as a family a little differently at each campus. In Bethel, Communion is the last Sunday of each month. Contact your campus pastor for specific details. You can read more about our purpose and position on this from the letter that went out to our parents here.

Baptism Class
(Suggested age: 3rd – 6th Grade)

Parents and their children desiring to take this step in their spiritual journey are invited to this one-time class where we teach them about the significance of baptism and prepare them for this important step in their walk. Children younger than 3rd grade should first take the Now What? class.

Milestone Celebration
(6th Grade)

This is a public recognition during a worship gathering on Sunday morning. Current 6th graders will have a time of being prayed over and blessed as they prepare to move up to 7th grade.

For dates and specifics on these classes and events, please visit the Children’s Events page.