Igniting a passion for Jesus in New England

Who Challenges You?

Dear Parents,

Have you ever met a family or a person that challenges you in such a way you that you have to step back and re-evaluate? Is there such a family or person you allow in and are open to grow and learn from? Do you create space for people to speak life and truth into you and your family? Sometimes these words of truth don’t even need to be spoken over you – they can be witnessed by the actions of such a person or family.

I had a pleasure of recently meeting and spending some time with a family like this who have shown me what the hands and feet of Christ really looks like. They have pushed me and my family into a space with our Jesus that we have not been in a long time. The crazy thing is, it has very little to do with what they say and more with what they do. Looking in from the outside, you could very easily say they have an easy or comfortable life. However, their sacrifice and commitment to God’s Word is obvious, even at the cost of their own comfort.

I believe as church we often speak on what is right, but living a Christ-like lifestyle will break us out of our comfort zones and move us closer to Him. My challenge to you this month is to find a family that challenges your norm or status quo. Find someone who is going to push you closer to Jesus. This will help you and your family in ways you can’t help yourself. The Lord has designed us for community. Don’t be an island, don’t hide. You are missing out on what God has designed for you and your future. Others need what you have and I believe we all have something to give and receive.

Cheers & God Bless,

Craig Horne
Family Pastor