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“To Be Or Not To Be”…What is the Question?

Dear Parents,

The question I’m asking is, how do we help our kids find Godly contentment in a “me first” world? This question is never at its highest than when Christmas rolls around. The wish lists start blowing up, demands and expectations start rising and the pressure cooker “me first” mentality starts taking effect.Updated Kids logo

I know that, in my family, teaching our kids about Godly contentment is not easy. “I want, that’s mine, why did they get that, where is mine?” are words we are trying to address constantly. We did a great family devotional that helped me flip the switch and gave some understanding to my kids. The book listed three qualities to spot to see if someone was content. This was such a clever way to get our kids to think of this from different perspective. We asked them if they knew any kids their age that had one or two or three of these qualities. We just wanted them to see it can be done well and not seen as a task, but rather a lifestyle that is honoring to God and those looking in.

Then, something happened. They named a kid they all knew who has one of these qualities. They had huge smiles on their faces like they had won a competition as they named this young lady. Then, they thought a bit and realized she had all three! This led into some great conversation and questions like, “How do you feel around her? How do you think God feels when she does that? How do you think her parents feel when she does those things?” Now, this young lady may not show contentment all the time and her parents know her best and could speak into that, but for our kids, we hit the jackpot. In fact, I got so excited about the conversation that I told my eight-year-old son, “This is what you look for in a woman of God when you look to get married!” That lead to laughing and pointing fingers and saying he was married to this young lady. Great job dad, stay focused!

These three powerful characteristics are:

1. Always be thankful.
2. Rejoice with others when they do well.
3. Be the first to serve others.

Just sit and contemplate on these three gold nuggets, they are so good!

My challenge this Christmas is for you and your family is to find Godly contentment in this “me first” world. Pointing to Jesus the greatest gift of all is a great way to start this season. Remind yourself and your kids the reason for the season and use the season to grow in contentment. Have it catapult you into the New Year to come!

Cheers and God Bless,
 Craig Horne 400x400
Craig Horne
Family Pastor