Igniting a passion for Jesus in New England

New Year’s Resolutions

Dear Parents,

‘Tis the season to dust off the treadmill and look for the fruits and veggies. Its amazes me how quickly we think of ourselves when the season changes, especially in a new year. Is it that bad that we think of ourselves? This question sometimes gets people up in arms, but I want to look at it to see how it can actually be a good thing, and even wise thing to do, when done right.

I believe we are the best person we can be when we are in alignment with our Lord, when we lean into who we are in Him and who He has create us to be. When we make space for Him to speak into us, we allow Him then to speak through us. I would so much rather have Jesus speak through me to my wife, kids and friends!

This is where I need to be selfish and carve out time. It is so important to find space for Him to fill me with His Spirit because that’s where my life and breath come from (and when I am operating at my best.) The times I disappoint myself, my wife and kids is when I am not selfish in this space. It shows I am giving everything I have to everyone else except the one who I can be filled by the most. I actually find myself doing a lot for everyone else (most of the time it’s good stuff,) and running back and forth in the name of “good” to help my family and others. In my empty state, I find myself trying in those moments to speak life and truth into those the Lord has placed in my path

This season, this year, seek the Lord with all you have and ask Him to fill you with His goodness, patience, or whatever it is you need to be His hands and feet in the places He has called you to. Keep the First 20 minutes with your Lord going and create more space in your day to seek His face and hear His voice.

My challenge: Do you set aside time to meet with your Creator? What does it look like when you meet with Him? Test the Lord in this area and spend time with Him. If you are selfish in this space, those you love and those you love on in Jesus’ name will be better for it.

Cheers & God Bless,

Craig Horne
Family Pastor