Igniting a passion for Jesus in New England

It’s the Month of Love

Dear Parents,

Do you feel yourself finding seasons or moments when it’s easier to love someone? If you are anything like me, that love is largely to do with me and not the other people. The Lord of our life thrives for us to be in love with Him. When we are in this place and are seeking His face, our love tanks are full and we seem so much more, patient, caring, and forgiving.

So what happens when my walk is not as smooth with the Lord? Can I just keep running on empty or on fumes? The answer is no. When you find the anger levels rising or the patience dwindling, stop for a second and don’t look to blame the person you love. Instead, ask the question, why am I feeling this way? It is so easy to place blame and make excuses because it stops us from looking deeper into the darkness and ugliness in our lives.

My simple answer to this is, in those moments, ask Jesus, the Lover of your Soul, to slow that moment down into a rhythm that is healthy. It is never too late to say sorry or take a second to regroup. In fact, I would have you ask the Spirt of the Lord to check your spirit in this space. He so wants to help us love well.

This Valentine’s month, don’t get caught up in what you are getting for others. Get caught up in what the Lord is doing in you and an overflow of that love will flood those that you love. Husbands, that is not an excuse not to spoil your wife, but to combined it with worth and weight. My challenge for you this month is to love without condition, while maintaining healthy boundaries. Let’s look first to Jesus; He forgives, He is patient, He is intentional, and He is not easily offended. He has called us to a higher standard and modeled that on Earth for us to learn and grow from.

In closing, I’m very excited that this month at our Family Worship Service on February 26 in Bethel, we are going to be doing communion with our families.  What does that mean? Your children in first grade and above will be with us in the service and have the opportunity to take communion with you, if they have surrendered their life to Christ. This is a very important teachable moment for you as the primary educator of your child’s faith. Please make sure you take the time to talk through what it means with them. We will be coming alongside you as parents in more detail, but I wanted to get you excited and ready before we launch!

Cheers & God Bless,

Craig Horne
Family Pastor