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Hurt People Hurt People

Dear Parents,

I was teaching a of K-5th graders a few weeks ago. I was teaching them about a phrase that I picked up that really helps to minister. The phrase is, “hurt people hurt people.”

The Lord teachers us to turn the other check but I think we sometimes see that as just take the slap and move on. I feel the Lord wants more. He wants us to be compassionate and even understand why hurt people hurt people. The reason is so we can help them. I am not saying be a doormat for someone. There is a space for God to move.

I ran across this article that so beautifully expresses what I believe is wonderful insight into hurt people and how to combat that practically.

“When the harried mother accidentally cuts us off in traffic because she’s late to the doctor, we honk and wave our arms in frustration. Maybe she rushes into the doctor’s office feeling mad because some jerk on the road honked and yelled at her, so when the secretary tells her that the appointments are running about forty-five minutes behind, this mom sits in the waiting room, steaming. When she finally gets to see the doctor, she’s angry and lets him know.

An hour later the frustrated doctor walks into a room and isn’t as kind and gentle and compassionate as he should be when he delivers a crushing diagnosis to the parents waiting with fear in their eyes.

Do you see the cycle? Hurt keeps on filtering through everyone until someone stops it.

Someone has to be brave enough, or innocent enough, to swallow his or her pride and respond in love.

Love changes the trajectory of life…” Click to read the full article


Cheers & God Bless,

Craig Horne
Family Pastor