Igniting a passion for Jesus in New England


If you have surrendered to Jesus, your next step is to be baptized. Why do we get baptized in the water? Because Jesus did!

Baptism is a public declaration that you are dying to yourself so that you might live in Christ. Walnut Hill has a one-time Baptism Class (an adult class, youth class or class for children) so that you can explore more about what baptism symbolizes.

Baptism FAQs

Please review a list of Frequently Asked Questions about baptism here.

Child Dedications

With our infants, we practice child dedication. Parents publicly commit to teach their children to know and love Jesus. As a church, we commit to come alongside parents to help them on the journey. If you would like more information on having your child dedicated in one of our weekend services, please contact children@walnuthillcc.org.

What’s Your Next Step?

No matter where you are in life, there’s always a next step. What’s yours? You could start by checking out ways to grow. If you’re still not sure, please call the church office at 203-796-7373, talk to your Campus Pastor or email Pastor Victoria at vkowarick@walnuthillcc.org. We would love to hear your story and help you move forward.

Are you interested in being baptized? Please sign up for the next Baptism Class at the Get Connected table this weekend, talk to your Campus Pastor or email Pastor Victoria at vkowarick@walnuthillcc.org.

Is your child interested in being baptized? You can read more about milestones for kids including baptism here. If you would like more information or have questions, please contact children@walnuthillcc.org.